Chemical Coatings
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Maintenance Programs
Emergency Response

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JDT is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer experience for your next roofing project. Whether its a quick repair or a major budgeted expense, our goal is to provide solutions not just products. A long term relationship and seamless communication channel is our upmost priority.


Installation: JDT is licensed to install all of the top-tier roofing manufacturing system


Repair & Maintenance Programs: We can address the small problems before they become big ones. Your roof is the most important line of defense against the elements. JDT can create the right maintenance programs for your building to help reduce long-term overall roofing costs.

Emergency Response: No roof is 100% immune to the damages of snowfall weight, heavy winds, rain, hail, ice, tornadoes and hurricanes. Should your building be at risk, JDT is there.


Chemical Coatings: JDT has a wide array of roof-coatings available to extend the life of your roof. Commercial Products include water, solvent, and silicone based reflective coatings.